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What do you do at CSM Automation? 

Headquartered in Eagan Minnesota, we are an electrical contractor that specializes in automating services, instrumentation, commercial and industrial electrical maintenance. We can help your existing electrical team manage projects and facilitate maintenance. If you do not have such a team in place and need one, CSM Automation is your one stop shop. 

From cGMP documentation training for food and pharmaceutical to Emerson valve re-build and maintenance we have you covered. Are you looking at your competitors and watching your margins tighten because of outdated equipment? Wondering what you can do to put your company back on top?

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Servicing the instrument, electrical, mechanical and automation needs of the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. 


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Areas of Expertise  

Instrument and Electrical maintenance 

When you think of electrical maintenance, you think of new lights being installed and pumps and conveyors running 24/7. We do too.  We also think that your companies needs are better met by our automation professionals who can not only replace your broken receptacles but we can also troubleshoot and repair your temperature sensors when they start failing. 

valve rebuild and repair

Sometimes, tightening the packing isn't enough. Sometimes, actuators and valves fail and need service. Instead of sending these back to the manufacturers, why not have our automation professionals do the re-build? We can rebuild most two-inch valves, it is a case-by-case basis on bigger valves based on the material of build and testing requiments. 


Instrument and analyzer calibration is not only vital to your production they often are tied into your critical, life safety systems as well as your process Safety Integrated Systems (SIS). When is the last time you calibrated your instruments? How about your air and CO2 monitors? CSM Automation can calibrate it all. 


Pneumatic controllers

Are you trying to bring your control system into the 21st century but not sure what will replace your I/P's? Give us a call and we will calibrate your I/P's, your Foxborro controllers, and Fisher wizards and help you evaluate what you're currently using. Remember, just because it's old equipment doesn't mean it's bad. You may just have a dirty air filter or broken Bourdon tube.

Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing instruments

Medical instrument calibrations are fundamentally similar to other industry calibrations. There are however, different requirements for documentation and typically standard procedures for these calibrations to be completed. We review our calibrations and all related documents in-house for errors before submitting them to you.  

Waste treatment and EPA standards

Your business needs aren't just our 7-3:30 concerns. We are your neighbors too. That same pride you take in keeping your facility compliant we take in our work. When a change in legal standard and procedure comes "We embrace and implement".


The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
— Franklin D Roosevelt


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